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2013-10-09 21:19 less than 1 minute read


Using StartSSL for Free Signed Certificates

2013-06-30 13:44 3 minute read

For a long time now, i’ve used self-signed certificates to provide HTTPS access to my personal websites (including this one!), however, this does get on my n...

OpenID and LDAP

2013-06-30 12:42 1 minute read

As part of my quest to have all webapps use Single-Sign-On of some form, I found that Zenphoto lacked decent LDAP support so I search for a different alterna...

Migrating Mailbox Formats With Dovecot

2013-05-21 19:00 1 minute read

A bit of background is required first to put this post into context. I currently run Dovecot for IMAP to host my own domains. Having recently acquired a seco...

Chocolate Fudge Cake

2011-06-21 19:32 1 minute read

One thing to note is that I did not come up with this recipe myself but it was sent to me by a friend a long time ago who found it in a magazine or something…